Helping people remember with popular music

I came across a great article recently that talks about a study involving music and how it can spawn past memories to brain-injured patients.

“In the first study of its kind, two researchers have used popular music to help severely brain-injured patients recall personal memories. Amee Baird and S√©verine Samson outline the results and conclusions of their pioneering research in the recent issue of the journal.”

Although the study only involved a small number of patients, results were very positive. In order to evoke memories, Amee and Severine chose top 40 songs that were popular during each of the patients lives. Upon listening, the subjects were asked questions to see if they could associate past memories that involve the popular music.

“The findings suggest that music is an effective stimulus for eliciting autobiographical memories and may be beneficial in the rehabilitation of autobiographical amnesia, but only in patients without a fundamental deficit in autobiographical recall memory and intact pitch perception.”

We all listen to music, it is something that is hard to ignore. It’s great that this study will help people remember their past and I am happy it involves music. We all have our favorite musicians and artists and we have experienced their songs while doing great things in our lives. The ability for people to make connections to their lives through music is a beautiful thing.