About Anthony Canova

Anthony Canova, MBA, PMP, has experience as supervising Project Manager in Project Operations. Working in this role, Anthony Canova addresses project operations (including financial) on initiatives including an emphasis on software development projects of varying scope, economic models, medical writing, value propositions, compendiums with enhanced graphics, and retrospective chart review studies in conjunction with physician groups. He has over a decade of post-graduation / professional experience in the areas IT project management of program management, and financial management.

Anthony Canova Music

Anthony CanovaAnthony Canova has been playing music for many years. He is a multi-instrumentalist with experience in piano and keyboard, percussion (set and acoustic / djembe) and some guitar. Some of Anthony Canova’s favorite bands include the Counting Crows (he prefers to hear them live than recorded) 311, particularly the song “Sunset In July”, and O A R, his favorite song being “Crazy Game of Poker”